How noisy are the Fagor Dishwashers?

Fagor Dishwashers’ noise level rate is one of the lowest in the market.

  • LFA-073 IT: Ultra silent: 45 db(A)
  • LFA-073 SS: Ultra silent: 45 db(A)
  • LFA-65: Ultra silent: 47 db(A)
  • LFA-65 SS: Ultra silent: 47 db(A)
  • LFA-065 IT X: Ultra silent: 47 db (A)
  • LFA-013 IX: Ultra Silent: 50 db(A)
  • LFA-013 SS: Ultra Silent: 50 db(A)

What is the aqua stop feature?

The AIS Fagor Dishwashers are equipped with both internal and external sensors that cut the water supply if a leak is detected draining the water. A valuable safety feature to protect you and your home!

What is the perfect drying system?

Only available for the LFA-073 SS and LFA-073 IT.

These models are equipped with the perfect drying system that absorbs the steam/humidity generated by the washing and condensates the steam in a side compartment, to drain it out to the main line afterwards. As a result, there is no steam when you open the door at the end of the cycle, preventing damage to kitchen cabinetry. Gleaming dry dishes!

Are the baskets versatile?

In order to accommodate your larger dishes, AIS Fagor Dishwashers are equipped with a basket that allows regulating the height with an easy movement, even when the dishwasher is loaded. There is no need to remove it from the rails.

For an easier and more convenient use of the baskets, Fagor provides ergonomic handles on all of their models. The basket, can be separated in to pieces and be placed where more convenient. Tines have four different positions to accommodate your dishes.

How does the Hygienizer cycle work?

To ensure bacteria free dishes, you can select the hygienizer cycle that washes the dishes at 160F and rinses them at 167F. These high temperatures improve a better wash.

What is the difference between the sprayer and the sprinkler?

The sprayer is fixed to the top of the tub. It sprays water like a showerhead. The sprinkler is actually a third arm that waters from the top while turning. The water reaches all the dishes and improves the washing.