What program do I need to prepare my favorite meal?

Fagor’s 24” Oven is equipped with 8 different cooking programs, to better suit your cooking necessities.


Convection Defrosting: This defrost function can be used to thaw any type of frozen food: meat, fish, or vegetables, in minimal time. It speeds up normal defrosting times.


Bake: This program is recommended for baking bread, cakes and stuffed pastries. It is also recommended for roasting lean meats.


Traditional Vented Cooking: This program allows you to cook any type of dish: meat, fish or desserts. You can even cook more than one dish at the same time without mixing flavors.


Dehydrate: Ideal program for steam cooking puddings, fish, mousse, or vegetables.


Dehydrate Convection: The fan evenly distributes the heat that was generated at the base of the oven. This function is especially beneficial for cooking paella.


Convection Pizza (two low heating elements): The intense heat that comes from the bottom part, and the fan that distributes it evenly help to obtain a perfect pizza crust every time! It is not necessary to heat up the oven prior to using this setting.


Mini-Broil: Recommended for broiling meats, chops, lamb, steaks, hamburgers, browning toast and in general, small-sized foods since only the central part of the broiler is used.


Convection Maxi-broil: Special program for cooking large roasts and also ideal for cooking and broiling at the same time: red meats, legs, pot roast, poultry, etc


Maxi-Broil: This program is recommended for cooking the same foods as with the Mini-broil, but covering the entire tray surface. Recommended for all types of broiling: pasta, soufflé, and béchamel sauce.


Turbo Plus: The oven is heated up by the central round heating element. The fan distributes the heat evenly throughout the oven.