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Multiple Programs

Multiple Programs

Select "a la carte" the most suitable program to make the most of your meals

This convection oven offers the widest range of cooking functions available. You will always find the most appropriate baking mode for the type of dish you're preparing!

  • Convection Defrosting: The defrost program can be used to thaw any type of frozen food: meat, fish, or vegetables, in minimal time. It speeds up normal defrosting times.
  • Bake: This program is recommended for baking bread, cakes and stuffed pastries. It is also recommended for roasting lean meats.
  • Convection Pizza (two low heating elements): The intensive heat that comes from the bottom part, and the fan that distributes it evenly, obtain a crusty pizza base. It is not necessary to heat up the oven prior to using this program.
  • Mini-Broil: Recommended for broiling meats, chops, lamb, steaks, hamburgers, browning toast and in general, small portions since only the central part of the broiler is used.
  • Convection Maxi-Broil: Special program for cooking large roasts and also ideal for cooking and broiling at the same time: red meats, legs, pot roast, poultry, etc
  • Maxi-Broil: This program is recommended for cooking the same foods as with Mini-Broil for large portions. Recommended for all types of broiling: pasta, soufflé, and béchamel sauce.
  • Turbo Plus: The oven is heated up by the central round heating element. The fan distributes the heat evenly throughout the oven.
  • Traditional Vented Cooking: This program allows you to cook any type of dish: meat, fish or desserts. You can even cook more than one dish once without mixing flavors.