How Safe is the Fagor Electric Pressure Cooker?

The Fagor Electric Pressure Cooker is perfectly safe and does not pose any risk for explosion. The lid will not open until all the steam has dissipated and pressure has been completely released.

How do I build pressure in my Fagor Electric Pressure Cooker?

In order for the unit to build pressure, the cooking liquid in the pot has to be brought to a boil with the lid positioned in place and the pressure regulator knob turned to “Pressure”. As the cooking liquid begins to boil, steam is produced. The trapped steam will build up and compress, creating pressure. As pressure builds, the pressure regulator valve will activate and release the right amount of steam to maintain the correct pressure within the cooker.

How do I know my Electric Pressure Cooker has come up to pressure?

The unit will begin to count down in minutes once the appropriate pressure has been reached. The floating valve will rise when pressure is reached.
How do I release the pressure from my Electric Pressure Cooker?

a) Natural release method: let the pressure drop naturally without turning the pressure regulator knob to “Steam”. This will take several minutes, during which the food inside will continue cooking. Some recipes benefit from this extra cooking time. You will know when the pressure has been released for the floating valve will drop and you will be able to open the lid.

b) Quick release method: release the pressure immediately by turning the pressure regulator knob to STEAM. All the pressure will be released in seconds. CAUTION: The steam coming out of the cooker will be hot, and might contain droplets of hot liquid. Always turn the jet of steam away from your face and hands. NOTE: If you do not press the START/STOP button at the end of the cooking time, the pressure cooker will beep periodically to remind you that the cooking time has ended.

Why doesn’t my Electric Pressure Cooker build up pressure?

There can be numerous reasons why:
Reason: Not enough cooking liquid.
Solution: Always use a sufficient amount of cooking liquid for the type of food being prepared and the length of cooking. Consult the recipe you are following for the amount of liquid.
If you have not added sufficient liquid and you notice that the floating valve has not risen, but the timer is counting down, perform the following steps:
1. Stop the Pressure Cooker by pressing the START/STOP button.
2. Turn the pressure regulator knob to STEAM, using short bursts, until the pressure is fully released.
3. Remove the lid and add approximately 1 cup of water/stock or any liquid. Stir food to disperse liquid.
4. Replace the lid and slide into position.
5. Press the LOW or HIGH PRESSURE button and set the desired time.
6. Press the START/STOP button to begin cooking again.
Reason: Pressure regulator valve is dirty and/or obstructed.
Solution: The pressure-regulator valve can become dirty when cooking. Remove the pressure regulator valve as shown in the manual and clean it under running water.

Reason: The gasket is:
• Not in place
• Improperly positioned
• Dirty
• Worn
Solution: Before using your Pressure Cooker, always check to make sure that the gasket is in place. Always check to see that the gasket is properly inserted before attempting to use the unit. The gasket should be removed from the lid and washed after each use. Refer to your instruction manual for care and maintenance tips. After continued use, gasket will begin to wear or dry out. It should be replaced at least once a year, or more often if the pressure cooker is used more frequently.

What do I do if my Electric Pressure Cooker needs to be repaired?

If repairs become necessary during the warranty period, please call our Customer Service at 1-800 207 0806 or email info@fagoramerica.com