In this section you will find information about Fagor mentioned in the press. This includes newspaper, magazine, TV and online articles from both trade and consumer publications as well as television features sorted in chronological order.

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Cookware & Small Electrics

Rachel Day Every Day - February 2018

Fagor LUX LCD Multi-Cooker Among Editor's Favorite Multi-Cookers

Parenting OC - January 2018

Helix Pressure Cooker Featured in "Bring Back Dinner with the Family"



Cookware & Small Electrics

Mother Earth News - December/January 2017

Fagor Helix Pressure Cooker Among Mother's Product Picks

Cook's Illustrated - November 2017

The Fagor LUX LCD and LUX Multi-Cookers Receive the Top Ratings by Cook's Illustrated - November 2017

LUX Multi-Cooker Recipes to Satisfy Every Cold-Weather Craving

Capper's Farmer Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Kitchen & Camper - 2X Induction Set

Fort Lauderdale Magazine - November 2017

Fagor's LUX Multi-Cooker Featured in "Stuff We Love"

HomeWorld Business - October 2017

LUX LCD Multi-Cooker Featured in 19th Annual HomeWorld Business Forecast

Capper's Farmer - Fall 2017

Fagor's LUX LCD Multi-Cooker Featured in Capper's Farmer General Store

The NY Times - September 2017

The Fagor LUX LCD Multicooker Featured in The NY Times

Gourmet Retailer - September 2017

LUX LCD Multi-Cooker Featured in The Gourmet Retailer

Digital Trends - September 2017

Fagor DUO Pressure Cooker Selected as the Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker on the Market

Gourmet Insider - September/October 2017

The Fagor Eclipse Induction Set Featured in Gourmet Insider's Holiday Planning Guide

Columbus Weddings - Summer/Fall 2017

Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker Recommended in Columbus Weddings Magazine Gift Guide - March

Fagor DUO Stovetop Pressure Cooker Selected as Best Pressure Cooker for Feeding a Crowd

EatingWell Magazine - March/April

Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker featured in EatingWell Magazine - February

Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker Featured on

Munchies - February

Chef Guy Fieri Cooks with Fagor's Stovetop Pressure Cooker

The Sweethome - February

Fagor's DUO Selected as the Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Parents Magazine - February

Fagor's Twirlock Selected as the Top Stovetop Pressure Cooker by Parents Magazine

Capper's Farmers - January

Fagor's DUO Pressure Cooker Featured in Capper's Farmer General Store



Cookware & Small Electrics

The Huffington Post - December

Fagor's LUX Multi-Cooker and Premium Pressure Cooker Featured in The Huffington Post

Faveable - December

Fagor Premium Pressure Cooker selected as Best Electric Rice Cooker

The San Diego Union Tribune - November

Induction Pro Cooktop - a Helpful Addition to the Kitchen This Holiday Season

Consumer Reports - October

Fagor's Electric Premium Pressure Cooker Featured in Consumer Reports Holiday Gift Guide - October

The Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker ranked high amongst top bloggers

Consumer Reports - July

Fagor's Electric Premium Pressure Cooker Receives the Best Review on Consumer Reports

Gourmet Insider May-June

Fagor introduces the LUX Multi-Cooker in a new Copper and Champagne finish

HomeWorld Business - April

Fagor Renews Small Electrics Product Development Pipeline

Gourmet Insider July-August

Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker in the Kitchen a la Mode

Working Mother - March

9 Expert-Approved time saving products - White LUX Multicooker

HomeWorld Business - January



Kitchen & Bath Business - November/December

What's Hot in Refrigerators & Dishwashers

Small Space Design National Ledger - September

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Needs Small Appliances

Bon Appétit - September

The Fagor Wine Fridge - Something We All Need

Remodelista - January

Steal This Look: A Small but Smart Kitchen in Brooklyn