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A New Use For Your Pressure Cooker

Discover a new use for your Fagor pressure cooker: delectable desserts! This exclusive dessert kit will make the preparation of your favorite dessert recipes even easier and faster for you, as it contains all the tools you will need to make them in your pressure cooker. Try preparing a cheesecake or a flan, and you will be surprised at how luscious and wonderfully smooth they turn out.

9 Piece Dessert Kit

This 9 piece Dessert Kit includes an 8” diameter silicone baking dish, 4 individual portion silicone ramekins, a stainless steel baking dish support rack, a silicone lid and a silicone spatula, as well as a bilingual English/Spanish recipe book with original dessert recipes.

Food-grade Silicone Bakeware Items

Food-grade silicone bakeware items are versatile, flexible and super-easy to use. The pliable and non-stick qualities of silicone are especially desirable when preparing desserts, as they can unmold anything easily and without breaking. Some of silicone’s other most notable benefits are that it will not retain odors or flavors, it is easy to clean, it is Microwave and Dishwasher safe and can go from -58°F up to 675°F.



  • Includes:

    • 8” diameter silicone baking dish
    • 4 individual portion silicone ramekins
    • Stainless steel baking dish support rack
    • Silicone lid
    • Silicone spatula
    • Bilingual English/Spanish recipe book
  • Made of FDA approved food-grade silicone

  • Can be used with any size Fagor Pressure Cooker, from 4qt. to 10qt.

  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

  • Easy to clean, rinses and wipes clean in seconds

  • Even heat distribution and quick, even cooling

  • Can go from -58°F up to 675°F: also apt for use in oven

  • Non-porous silicone will not retain odors or flavors

  • Completely flexible, making unmolding and storing easy as pie

  • Non-stick surface, allowing for low-fat cooking

  • Long life, can be used thousands of times without signs of wearing

  • Bright, colorful look to liven up your kitchen!