What kind of desserts can I make in a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers are good for preparing any kind of dessert recipes that involves cooking, such as puddings and poached fruits, and even many recipes that you would normally prepare in an oven, such as cheesecakes, flans or custards.

What are the benefits of preparing desserts in a pressure cooker?

Some desserts –especially the ones that contain eggs- benefit from being prepared in a pressure cooker, because the internal temperature of the pressure cooker is relatively mild compared to the oven; this keeps the eggs from breaking down into solids and liquids and thus achieving a much smoother texture. Also, since the air inside the pressure cooker is very humid, desserts such as custards don’t get the typical skin on the top. Another important benefit is that you can enjoy a delicious refreshing cheesecake in much less time and without having to turn on the hot oven!

What are the ramekins for and what can I make in them?

The individual ramekins can be used for exactly the same recipes as the baking dish, but in individual portions. The recipes in the Dessert Recipe book have two lists of ingredients and two cooking times, so you can always choose whether you want one large dessert or four individual portions.

Can I only use the baking dish and ramekins in the pressure cooker? testing

This kit is especially designed to for the Fagor Pressure Cookers, but you can certainly use the silicone bakeware for other recipes in the oven or even in the microwave. If you are planning to use the kit with a different brand pressure cooker, take into consideration that cooking times might change due to the different pressure settings.