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New Tall Tub

Fagor Tall Tub Dishwaser's interior provides more room for items that are typically too large to fit into a standard dishwasher tub.

Perfect Drying

The perfect drying system of the Fagor Tall Tub Dishwasher absorbs the steam/humidity generated internally and collects it in a side compartment to be drained to the main line afterwards. As a result, there is no steam expelled when opening the door at the end of the cycle. This prevents damage to the kitchen cabinetry. Gleaming dry dishes!


Fagor Dishwashers are so quiet that you won't even notice when they're working. An insulated interior, a solid inner tub with no seams, and an alternate washing model are just a few features that make them incredibly quiet!

Dual Zone & Alternating Wash

Fagor Dishwashers adapt to your needs so you can use them more efficiently. Depending on the type and amount of dishes you have, you may choose to use only the upper rack, the lower rack, or both at the same time! A more flexible wash to meet your particular needs! Plus, it optimizes water and energy consumption, since the sprinklers work alternatively; it allows for a more efficient wash with less noise.

ECO Sensor

Monitors water quality and adjusts consumption accordingly. The ECO sensor measures the level of soil in the wash water and fills the tub with fresh water only when necessary. AIS dishwashers help to reduce water consumption up to 25%, the energy used to heat the water, and the cycle time! This makes your dishes perfectly clean for less money in less time!



  • Model no. LFA-086 XL

  • New Tall Tub accommodates to your larger dishes

  • ECO sensor: monitors water quality and adjusts consumption accordingly

  • Ultra silent: 45 dB(A)

  • Alternating wash

  • Perfect drying

  • Third sprinkler

  • 10 washing cycles: pre-wash, normal, intense, glassware, delicate, super intensive, economy, quick (33 minutes), automatic and dish warming

  • Height adjustable top rack easily accommodates larger items

  • Bottom rack with fold-down supports

  • Digital display indicates program selected

  • Programmable time delay up to 9 hours

  • End-of-cycle signal

  • Dual zone option allows for single rack washing

  • Aqua-stop safety: internal & external sensors that cut the water supply if a leak is detected

  • Water softener

  • Sanitizing process leaves dishes bacteria free. Included in 2 cycles: automatic and super intensive