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Fully Integrated Refrigerator

  • Winner of the 2012 Best Kitchen Appliance in “Best of Year” Award from  Interior Design.
  • This Energy Star, 24” fully integrated refrigerator gives your entire kitchen a seamless appearance. It also includes all installation parts in addition to a template that guides you to the exact points where we shall position the clamping parts of the doors of the cabinet.

Multi-fresh Compartments

Multi-fresh compartments with low humidity meet the ideal temperature for conserving meats and fish up to twice as long.

Heavy Duty® Hinge

The Heavy Duty® hinge allows opening both doors at the same time, avoiding ongoing movements that can give rise to misalignments in the door of the piece of kitchen furniture and greater sturdiness as the Heavy Duty® hinge can withstand up to 200 lbs.

Independent Doors

The doors of the kitchen cabinet and the refrigerator are completely independent, as each has its own hinge and operate on a sliding guide which is installed on both doors.

Large Capacity Freezer

Freezer has 3 large capacity drawers and a super-freezing function with auto-turn off.

Interior Design Best of The Year 2012


  • Available Fall 2012

  • Energy Star Rated

  • Model no: FIM4825

  • Independent compartments with electronic regulation of temperature

  • Anti-bacteria drum

  • Interior LED lighting

  • Large capacity drawers for vegetables

  • Multi-fresh compartments for meats and fish

  • Sliding bottle holder

  • Reversible left and right doors that make it adaptable to any kitchen.

  • Adjustable glass shelving and adjustable vegetable draws.

  • Functions: super cooling with auto-turn off, warning function, holidays and door blocking.

  • Unique “No Frost” technology that keeps food fresher, longer.

  • Anti-bacterial cavity helps to maintain a healthier and cleaner food environment.

  • Refrigerator open door alarm

  • 1 large capacity freezer drawer

  • Function: super freezing with auto-turn off

  • Alarms: Open door and even cooling

  • Easy to use Installation Templates Guide for a seamless and effortless installation

  • Net capacity: 11.21 ft3

  • Dimensions: 79.80 x 23.54 x 22.24 inch