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The most efficient way to cook!

Induction cooktops utilize 90% of the energy produced compared to 50% used by other cooking methods. Induction recognizes the base of the cookware and directly heats only the diameter of the pot, so very little energy is wasted… saving you money while remaining eco-friendly.

Safest way to cook!

The induction cooktop surface remains cool to the touch since only the pot is heated. In addition, there are no open flames, smoke, or gas emissions making this an extremely safe and convenient portable cooking solution. It also has an automatic safety shut off feature for an added element of safety.

New features include:

7 power settings relating to various cooking functions, 2 Quick Launch buttons that immediately take you to your desired level and a "Quick Temperature Check" that displays the actual temperature.

Fastest way to cook

Considered one the most eco-friendly products for its energy-efficiency, induction cooks faster than gas or electric cooktops, reducing 50% of the cooking time. Heating and temperature adjustments are immediate, allowing you to go from a simmer to a rolling boil in a few seconds.

Easiest cooktop to clean

The flat smooth surface of the Portable Induction cooktop is made of high quality heat resistant glass making spills easy to clean. Spills do not bake on to the stay-cool surface, making cleaning a breeze!



  • Our new updated Portable Induction Cooktop with new features and 1800 watts of power.

  • Click Here! for online delicious recipes

  • Temperature setting range from 140°F - 430°F

  • 7 power level settings that are related to various cooking functions; (Melt, Warm, Med Low, Med High, Boil, Sear and Stir Fry).

  • Durable, easy to clean with a high quality Scott Ceran glass surface.

  • Includes 2 new “Quick Launch” buttons, “Boil” and “Warm, which take you directly to either desired power level.

  • A "Quick Temperature Check” button that displays the actual cooking temperature.

  • Lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage: 12”x14”, 8 lbs.

  • Also includes a helpful quick reference operational guide, a user’s manual, a DVD and a collection of delicious recipes.

  • Safe to use, unit will not generate heat and will shut off automatically if no cookware is detected.

  • Child Safety Lock system.

  • Requires standard household 110V connection.

  • UL approved