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2015 GOOD DESIGN Award

2015 GOOD DESIGN Award for Design Excellence in the Kitchen / Appliances category, for the 24-inch BMF-200X Refrigerator. Recognized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, the program awards only the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product and graphic designs produced around the world.

LCD Touch Control Panel

Includes a built-in temperature control panel that allows you to control and select the perfect refrigerator and freezer temperature. It includes icons and alarms to inform you of any changes in refrigeration temperature.

Interior LED Lighting

LED lighting highlights the appearance of the food in the fridge and produces no heat, therefore the food is illuminated and not warmed.

Multi-Fresh and Nature Fresh Compartments

The independent Multi-Fresh and Nature Fresh drawers allow for two unique environments within the refrigerator with optimum humidity and temperature conditions. These drawers are ideal for keeping vegetables, meats and seafood fresher for longer.

Super Cool, Super Freeze, and Holiday Functions

The Super Cool and Super Freeze functions allow you to introduce large quantities of food into either the refrigerator or freezer at once. The Holiday function is used when you want the freezer to work normally while the refrigerator remains empty and set at 57 °F, to prevent odor and bacteria.


24" BMF-200X

  • Model no. BMF-200X

  • Interactive LCD touch controls

  • Interior LED lighting

  • Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature display

  • Multi-Fresh and Nature Fresh Drawers

  • Super Cool, Super Freeze & Holiday functions

  • Anti-fingerprint stainless steel

  • Twistable Ice Tray

  • Door alarm and warning light system

  • Reversible doors

  • Dimensions: 79.1" x 23.4" x 26.9" (HxWxD)