2X Induction Set
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2X Skillet Base

Induction Ready Skillet

The Fagor 2X Induction Set comes with an induction ready aluminum skillet for immediate use. The induction ready base allows this skillet to be used on all induction cooking surfaces.

2X Control Panel

New Features Include

The cooktop comes equipped with 8 power levels. Each power level has a corresponding Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature. Increased temperature range up to 465°F with 1800 watts of power!

2X Boiling Water

Safest Way to Cook

The surface remains cool to the touch and there are no open flames, smoke, or gas emissions. It also has an automatic safety shut off feature and a child safety lock.

2X Cooktop

Most Efficient Way to Cook

The 2X utilizes 90% of the energy produced compared to 50% used by other cooking methods. The cooktop recognizes the base of the cookware and directly heats only the diameter of the pot, saving you energy and money.

2X Milk Spill

Easiest Cooktop to Clean

The smooth cooking surface is made of high-quality, heat resistant glass making spills easy to clean. Spills do not bake on to the stay-cool surface, making them easy to wipe away.



  • Includes 2X Induction Cooktop and 9.5” Aluminum Skillet

  • 1800 watts of power – 120V, 60Hz.

  • Compact Size: 11.42” x 13.98” x 2.36”.

  • Lightweight: 5 pounds.

  • 8 Power Levels with temperature range from 140°F - 465°F ( 60°C- 240°C)

  • Control panel includes easy-to-read digital display as well as all touch controls.

  • Built-in timer programmable for up to 180 minutes.

  • Durable, easy-to-clean glass surface.

  • Extremely safe, will not generate heat.

  • Automatic shut off feature will turn unit off if no cookware is detected.

  • Includes child safety lock. 

  • ETL Approved