24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler
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Wine Bottles

Temperature and Vibration Controls

The dynamic climate mode distributes the relative humidity inside the unit and the temperature evenly throughout the interior so you can store all your wine under the same conditions. In addition, a Vibration Neutralization System offers triple layer protection against harmful exterior vibrations.

24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Lifestyle

High Capacity

The 46 bottle capacity unit has a temperature range from 41°F-68°F, perfect for all types of wines. It allows you to chill an ice bottle of Champaign and a room temperature Pinot Noir in the same space.

24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Elegant Design

The Fagor 24" Dual Zone Wine Cooler is built with 5 glide-out Beachwood racks, soft interior lighting in each zone and an elegant blue LED display showing the real-time temperature of each wine zone.

24-inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler Panel

Touch Controls

Electronic touch controls allow you to adjust the temperature and other operational functions.



  • Model #: WC-46DZ

  • Built-in or Freestanding installation

  • 46 bottle capacity

  • Dual temperature zones

  • Temperature range: 41°F-68°F (5°C-20°C)

  • Sabbath Mode

  • 5 Beachwood shelves

  • Digital touch controls with blue LED display

  • Reversible tempered double pane glass door

  • Anti-odor air filter

  • Dimensions: 34” x 23.42” x 24.21”