Cayenne 5-piece Pressure Cooker Set
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Cayenne Pressure Cooker


Made entirely in Spain and crafted from high quality Stainless Steel, the Cayenne comes in a stunning Cayenne red color, has 2 pressure settings both HIGH (15psi) and LOW (8psi) and has a 10” diameter base perfect for browning and searing food before pressure cooking your meal. The pressure cooker will work on any kind of stovetop: gas, electric, ceramic or even induction!

Cayenne Pressure Cooker Handles


The ergonomically designed handles give you a better grip of your unit and comes equipped with an automatic self-locking mechanism which securely locks the pressure cooker.

Cayenne Pressure Cooker Steam Release

Easy to Use

This unit comes equipped with an automatic pressure release setting for an easier steam release method and a Maximum Level Indicator line so  you don’t fill your pressure cooker past its two-thirds filling capacity.

Cayenne Pressure Cooker Set


This unit comes equipped with a tempered glass lid to store cooked meals once it has been prepared or to use as a traditional stock pot for cooking. This unit also comes equipped with a stainless steel pasta /steamer basket that can be used to create endless dishes. Don’t forget the unit also comes with a full color cookbook with over 50 delicious recipes to try when using the Cayenne Combi Set.



  • Quick Guide to pressure cooking in minutes!

  • Made in Spain, these high quality stainless steel pressure cookers have a 10 year warranty

  • Includes:

    • 8 quart pot 
    • 4 quart pot
    • pressure cooker lid (fits both pots)
    • tempered glass lid (fits both pots)
    • pasta/steamer basket
    • recipe cookbook with over 50 delicious recipes
    • user’s manual
  • Equipped with 2 pressure settings HIGH (15psi) and LOW (8PSI)

  • Comes with a visual pressure indicator and a maximum fill line indicator

  • Click Here! for online delicious recipes