Chef Pressure Cooker Family
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Chef 2

Premiere pressure cooker

The Fagor Chef Pressure Cooker line is our premiere pressure cooker made of elegant 18/10 Stainless Steel and designed with a larger diffuser bottom for higher cooking efficiency.

Chef 3

Pressure Indicator with distinct positions

The 1st line indicates the cooker has reached LOW pressure (8 psi) and the 2nd line indicates the cooker has reached HIGH pressure ( 15 psi) 

Chef 4

Removable Timer/Alarm

Helps to simplify the pressure cooking process and create the perfect meal every time!

Chef 5

Fully Automatic Locking System

With short side handles for space saving capability

Chef 6

Self Cleaning Valve

Is specially designed to clean itself with the exclusive vertical method in which it expels steam.



  • Made in Spain and crafted from 18/10 Stainless Steel

  • Pressure Indicator with distinct positions – the 1st – indicates LOW pressure (8 psi) and the 2nd indicates HIGH pressure (15 psi)

  • Easy automatic release setting

  • Valve removing position for easy cleaning

  • Removable Timer/Alarm gives you 100 minutes of available time

  • Comes in 6qt, 8qt and 10qt capacities

  • MAX Line Indicator - helps you to recognize when you have reached filling capacity in the pressure cooker, the recommended fill amount

  • The Chef provides 3 security valves. The unit automatically locks the lid while pressure is still inside and if lid is not closed properly, the unit will not create any additional pressure

  • Self-Cleaning Valve

  • The Chef Pressure Cooker includes:

    • 10” Tempered Glass Lid that allows the body to be used as a traditional cooking vessel
    • Steamer/ Grater Basket with Trivet, for steaming vegetables that also functions as a grater
    • A DVD with information on the basics of a pressure cooker
    • DVD Recipe Collection
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