Duo 10-piece Canning Kit
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All in One Canning Solution!

All in One Canning Solution!

This all-in-one set includes the tools, instructions and recipes necessary in order to begin pressure cooking & canning at home. Glass jars sold separately.

Safe and Cost Effective

Safe and Cost Effective

A safe and cost effective methodof preserving food that provides a great way to fill your pantry with healthy food that retains high nutritional value & uncompromised taste.

Extremely versatile!

This set enables you to can meats, seafood, fruits, green vegetables, soups, baby foods & so much more!

Includes 100 Page Cookbook

Includes 100 Page Cookbook

Includes 100 page full color cookbook with illustrated step by step instructions and over 30 recipes translated in both English and Spanish



  • Quick Guide to pressure cooking in minutes!

  • The Set includes:

    • 10 quart Duo 18/10 Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker/Canner
    • Home Canning Cookbook with Recipes
    • Pressure Cooking Booklet with recipes
    • Canning Rack
    • BPA Free Wide mouth Funnel
    • BPA Free Ladle
    • Jar Lifter
    • Jar Wrench
    • BPA Free Bubble Freer
    • Magnetic Lid Lifter
    • Instructional DVD
    • User’s Manual
  • Click Here! for online delicious pressure canning recipes